The Cabinet


On the market you can find a wide selection of wooden speakers already.

NIME is first company, which brings innovation on this field. ELITE ONE is the first speaker adopting steel and aluminium. These materials, thank to the natural stability and better performance to mechanical stress, make the whole structure much better.

ELITE ONE cabinet has been computer automated designed (CAD) and has been realized with numerical controller machineries and laser cutters.

The result is a unique shape that is not only a design exercise but it is also the result of many hours of studies that brings in top sound performances, vibrational control and internal diffraction reduction.

All the components are assembled by qualified personnel only.

This is the handmade "touch"  that makes this product absolutely unique.


Drivers ceramici

ELITE ONE is built using the most performing dynamic speakers of the world : the T&P Accuton.

 In our opinion there are not better drivers available on the market at the present time.

These drivers are made by ceramic membranes providing extreme rigidity, light weight and hi internal dumping.

For these reasons all the top Hi FI designers are adopting these drivers for top performances.



MUNDORF:The State of the art.

These Capacitors are used by all the most famous speakers

manufacturers of the world.

MCAP Supreme Silver/Gold/oil.

The pure Gold together with the Silver used in these capacitors maximize the electrical conductivity making the neutrality and the clearness of the sound extraordinary.



Mundorf is also our provider for the Inductors made of copper OFC.

The purity of this particolar copper, processed in an oxigen-free room, and the wire-by-wire winding make this inductor close to perfection.

All these details guarantee the stability of all the parameters up to 100Khz. The passive capacitor here is particularly low. The big surface of the lamina increases also the conductivity.

Thanks to all these characteristics we get a considerable gain in terms of dynamics and resolution for the details.



Top-line product made by WBT. It features the best performances for signal transmission and the best mechanical stability.

The polished plating in 24 carats gold guarantees the lowest resistance in the contacts and effectively interrupts the corrosion process. The cabling is offered by Transparent Audio a prestigious USA company.


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