ELITE ONE is designed for those who are the most demanding sound lovers and for the most important stages where a profound and powerful sound in compact dimensions is needed.

Totally handcrafted by professional craftmen Nime adopts only High Tech materials and The crossover housing is separated by the drivers in order to avoid the electromagnetic crosstalk.

The innovative and modern design is combined with the adoption of Steel and Aluminium materials providing a better acoustic performance.

NIME is available in chromed or satin steel and personalized lacquering is also available.

The dedicated stands are exclusively offered in satin or polished massive steel, and 6cm toes are also included for the decoupling from the ground.

Thanks to the easy impedance mode, ELITE ONE  speakers are easily compatible with all kinds of amplifiers both transistor or valve ones.

The massive structure and considerable weigth of the stand makes the combination of loudspeaker and support very stable to the benefit of sonic performance, especially in the low register.

Like each art piece has its own signature, so NIME certify and sign each couple of its diffusors with the signature of the operator responsible for making it.




In acciaio massiccio 10mm per un effetto lucido o satinato oppure cabinet rinforzato in sandwich di alluminio per laccature.


Enclosure Type Woofer

2 vie reflex posteriore


Driver units

1-TW 25mm (1") Thiel&Partner Accuton cupola in ceramica

1-BassMindrange 173mm (7") Thiel&Partner Accuton in ceramica


Frequency Response

42hz- 20Khz



88 dB, spl (2,83v/1m)


Nominal Impedance

8 Ohm, min.7 Ohm

Minimum Amplifier Power

15 - 120 Watts RMS


Cabinet Dimensions

310mm x 270mm x 430mm

(Altezza, Larghrezza, Profondità)


Enclosure Dimensions

1180mm x 450mm x 800mm

(Altezza, Larghezza, Profondità)



Finish glossy Black, White, Wood or the other colours


Stand Finished

Cromo lucido o satinato, nero



45 Kg. ciascuna, versione S in acciaio 60 Kg.



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