The new project Mya confirms and makes present another strong idea NIME Audiodesign, an acoustic instrument that lives in environment becomes part of it, performing the dual function of music source and a piece of furniture.


The choices of design, finishes of the new materials, the increased quality of work and care more and more manic of every little detail are, like the sonic result, the exaltation of this concept.

Like each art piece has its own signature, so NIME certify and sign each couple of its diffusors with the signature of the operator responsible for making it.




2 vie reflex posteriore


Drivers units:

1 Tw 25 mm cupola in ceramica

1 Mid bass 170 mm cono in ceramica


Risposta in frequenza:

40 Hz - 20 Khz



88 dB, spl


Impedenza nominale:

8 Ohm


Potenza raccomandata:

15 - 120 Watts

Dimensioni su stand:

Altezza 1080 mm

Larghezza 280 mm

Profondità 700 mm



Bianco, nero piano, nero opaco

e su richiesta, Ebano, Noce, Ciliegio



30 Kg. ciascuna


Nime Audiodesign

Via del Porto, 750

55054 Massarosa (Lu)

Mobile: +39 339 2349772

Nime Audiodesign