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I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we are from everyone loves music” – BILLY JOEL.



The concept of Nime audiodesigne starts in 2010, but its first official market appearance was in 2012, at the Hi-Fidelity show in Rome. The event was a perfect opportunity for presenting spectacular Elite One loudspeaker model.

By combining the first two leathers of his name – a great audio enthusiast and dedicated engineer –NIco MEmoli created a brand that will be remembered by generations ahead and that will be a synonym for quality, luxury and sound brilliance.

The light motive of the brand was and until this moment remains “Luxury of sound” which allows a small insight into the glamour and magnificence of sound reproduction. By mixing contemporary design, the most quality components and materials with the timeless, inviolable Italian style we have enriched the audiophile community with unique models that meets the highest market requirements.

The roots of the brand are grown in Italy, in Viareggio known as a place where luxury expression reaches its maximum and where the impact of exclusive yachts construction left the imprint on NIME speakers handcrafting.

Nime audiodesign staff dedicated all its time, experience and knowledge to deliver value for their precious customers and partners, in every sense of the word.


A beauty in every sense always guided the creator of the brand, Nico Memoli. Understanding that the real beauty is in details, he invested all possible efforts not to become “one of the many” with classic and monotonous designs.

The mission and main goal was to stand out, to be unique, to overachieve and amaze people.


Our future vision is rooted in superior quality, sound performance and beauty of the design. Our models are carefully crafted to become a part of people’s homes and part of their greatest memories. We are aiming towards constant fulfilling of desires and needs of audiophiles by giving them the full enjoyment in the smooth and detailed sound.

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Guangzhou AV fair

14-16 September, 2018
Dong Fang hotel, Guangzhou, China
Nime audio - presented by Granding Audio Video Engineering Limited 


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